You may wonder what a DMC is, or what the difference between a travel agent and a DMC is. There are a few different ways to look at definitions in this context, and here I share with you my own interpretation of where I work for and what I do. 


Destination Management Company (DMC)

A Destination Management Company is also referred to as a DMC. The DMC is a locally based company providing professional tourism related services at the destination. They are the ones responsible for the tour, the experience and the safety of tourists during their holidays. They connect all the local information and create a program that meets the demand of travelers. The DMC operates at the destination, where the travel agent sells the developed tours in your home country. 


A DMC is the heart and soul of the product and services you buy through a travel agent. Most of the beautiful pictures, dreamy descriptions and exciting travel programs a travel agent has on its website come from the DMC. The DMC represents the country, its people and their culture at the destination.


The Destination Development Specialist (DDS)

All DMC’s have a person to connect all these dots. That someone knows the target markets, understands the trends and creates unique experiences based on demand. That someone I refer to as a Destination Development Specialist.


The bar I set for a DDS is high. After all, a DDS carries a heavy burden. I believe a DDS needs to be able to create something that benefits everyone involved. Tourists need to perceive the best experience possible, the travel agent and DMC need to earn money and recognition, and the local people need to be able to learn and earn in order to become independent providers. Many destination specialists look only at two of these stakeholders, but forget what the community wants. What you need is a DDS who incorporates all the wishes and needs of everyone involved. You need an experienced DDS who can connect all these dots and makes it marketable and sellable.  


Why does your project need to stand out?

Because you want to diversify yourself from the others. You want to attract quality with quality and show for it. You want to involve everyone and connect people in the most sustainable way. You keep the core values of all stakeholders involved as priority and make sure the benefits trickle down the supply chain until it reaches its foundation. Only then you can reach the full potential of sustainability, and therefore your project. This is where you ask me to explore the possibilities, create the product and inspire the people connected to the product


With all the experience on different levels of the supply chain, if it be the private or the public sector, I know all the arguments in favor or against tourism development.

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