When you ask me to create for you, you request more in-depth knowledge to develop your business. You are seeking specific information, content and images to develop a product or part of your business. In this package you can ask me to create specific (niche) programs for countries, write content and add flavour with quality imaging. Or maybe you are thinking of adding an Adventure Department to your company. In that case I can create the SOP’s for you and train your team accordingly. The niches I could develop, but are not limited to:

Travel agents and DMC’s that have lost valuable personnel during the crisis. You can fill the gap by hiring me for a freelance project to set up the product and/or SOP’s and train these to new  personnel. It is a cheaper and more durable option for you as you don’t invest in heavy contracts without knowing exactly what the return of investment is. You don’t have to invest your time into management and training. All you need to do is share your company profile and your targeted audience with me and I will create the product and train the people involved. 

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