The Mighty Mekong

Why is it that the Mekong River fills my body with warmth? The river continues to feed my soul with joy and my mind with

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Immerse in Iceland

Iceland has been a longlife dream for me. It’s always felt like the edge of the world because I lived in Southeast for a long

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Finding Peace in Prague

The destination of my travels is usually an impulsive decision. I read about something, I hear about something, I research that something, and my heart

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Freedom in Flores

Indonesia to me is one of the most amazing places on earth. I have not been everywhere, but Indonesia comes close to everything Indonesia to

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Lost in Taipei

Strolling around major Asian cities is one of the things I truly like. Especially in combination with some great beats coming from my headphones. I

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The Motorcycle Diaries

There is always something going on in Cambodia. Mostly in a good way… You just have to appreciate the creativeness you see on the street.

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Bound for Bromo

As a Dutch citizen with Javanese (Indonesian) roots, visiting Java has been one of the highlights of my life. To get to know distant relatives,

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