Every employee is looking at the organization to inspire and develop their personal skills. When you invest and develop in people’s skills, you will benefit in so many ways. It may not all be tangible, but the work you do to develop people will never pass by unnoticed and could be a valuable marketing tool for your business or project. If you don’t invest in people’s skills, there is no commitment and the chance to succeed is small. The result is high personnel turnover and loss of resources. People can be inspired by you in different ways. You need to take people by the hand and show them; where, who, how, why, and what.


When you make sure the answers to these questions are working for every stakeholder involved, you create understanding and commitment. There are many ways for me to help you with that. Here are some examples:

There are many different ways to inspire people who take part of your work environment. Don’t forget that tourism is an intangible product that only becomes tangible if all stakeholders involved are on the same page and connected with the same mindset. Commitment, communication and care are the key ingredients of a tourism product. Only with the 3 “C’s” you can create a product that meets the expectations. In a highly sensitive business like tourism we need to share as much information as we can to make the experience complete.

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